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2012/05/05, updated 2012/12/15
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forging ip packets with scapy


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If you don't have python's scapy module in your toolbox then you should really add it. The API makes me wince slightly (two-letter method names, postfixed by integers (sr1, sr2)) but it provides some really powerful functionality over all layers of the network stack.

Sometimes I need to poke at the network with forged packets. I (finally) wrote to help me do that. telnet(1) works fine in the majority of cases for simple TCP connection testing... but otherwise it doesn't:

If you need to do more advanced packet forgery then of course scapy can help you do that too. Meanwhile you can hit ipforge from a shell script to do the simple stuff:

while true ; do -f S -p tcp
  sleep 1

Or from native python:

from ipforge import ipforge
from time import sleep
while True:
    ipforge(src='', dst='', dport=666, flags='S')